Best Wedding Moments of the 2017/2018 Season

It is time for my absoluuuuuute favourite post of the year! Woohoooooooo!!!


The 2017/2018 wedding season was filled with so many wonderful things. It spanned three continents and an island, taking me to places that I could only ever have dreamed of. From 4ºC for an Icelandic elopement to 45ºC+ in Tuscany and the South African Karoo. From howling wind pretty much everywhere you can imagine, to the brightest sunshine with the bluest seas I have ever seen in Zanzibar. Honestly, this season had a bit of everything… new cultures, new food, enhanced weather management protocols, new wind-induced-crazy-hair wrangling skills, new medicines added to the travel kit, and rogue champagne cork avoidance techniques were even improved haha (can’t touch this 🎤).


Of the thousands of wedding photos I’ve managed to narrow it down to an amount barely accepted as minimal (way too many photos but whatevs haha). You are all invited to scroll through and join me on a journey through the little moments that make up an exceptionally big day. The deep breaths, the hand squeezes, the belly laughs, the runaway tears, the gentlest kisses and the biggest hugs. This is what love is all about, and I hope that this post leaves you completely and utterly happy.


To the special people in these images, you are all more than clients… you are friends and I love you all dearly. We have laughed together, cried together, we have shared memories and a journey that can only be described as extraordinary. Thank you so much for trusting me with your heirlooms.


P.S. Any groom that can do his own tie next season gets a high five.


  1. Suline says:

    You sure are one hell of a talented woman!!! Absolutely thrilled to have had you capture our most beautiful day. Thank you Niki, and keep on doing what your best at!!!!!

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