Best Day Ever | An Orange Orchard Engagement

Boy do I have something amaaaaazing to show all of you today! During each years wedding travels I see so much beauty that I want to share with all of you, and high on the list of ‘beautiful places’ are the orange orchards of Patensie. Rebecca from Runaway Romance and I chatted about collaborating for a super fun engagement shoot and ‘The Best Day Ever’ shoot was born.


More than just a cute name, ‘The Best Day Ever’ has become the way that each of us remember the day. It wasn’t just a styled shoot… we created magic (and had so much fun doing it)!!! Courtney and Angelo were the superstars of the shoot and they are 100% head-over-heels in love with each other which made our job 100% easier ūüôā


I really want to thank all of the amazing collaborators who took up the challenge and helped us fill your screens with so much beauty!

Styling: Runaway Romance | Cinematography: Jacques Crafford Wedding Films | Confectionery: Ginger Pops | Make-Up: KT Make-Up Artistry | Dress: Hoiden | Stationery: Susan Brand Design |


Enjoy the photos, and don’t forget to check out Jacques’ ridiculously amazing video at the end, woohoo!


Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_001 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_002 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_003 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_004 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_005 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_006 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_007 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_008 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_009 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_010 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_011 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_012 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_013 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_014 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_015 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_016 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_017 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_018 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_019 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_020 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_021 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_022 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_023 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_024 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_025 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_026 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_027 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_028 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_029 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_031Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_030Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_032 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_033 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_034 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_035 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_036 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_037 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_038 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_039 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_040 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_041 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_042 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_043 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_044 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_045 Surprise_Engagement_Orange_Orchard_Spring_Styled_Shoot_046


Jacques Crafford joined us for the shoot and put together this ridiculously awesome video!!!



Thank you so much again to all the collaborators, we are so grateful that you put so much time and effort towards our shoot and hope you love the end result!

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